1 The Sample Application

1.1 Overview

StrutsME includes a small sample application called Wishlist. It is a basic Struts based application for managing small entries like wishes.

You can install the application on your computer or you can choose the easy-to-use demo version.

1.2 Installation

For this you need a Tomcat (version 5.0.27 is known to work) and the Java Wireless Toolkit (WTK).

Copy the war file from StrutsME-<version>/wishlist-server to tomcat/webapps . Start Tomcat. Check that the application work by pointing a web browser to the URL http://localhost:8080/strutsme-wishlist-server.

After installing the WTK a double click on the JAD file in StrutsME-<version>/wishlist-client opens the emulator and you are ready to use the application.

1.3 Demo installation

We have installed an instance of the server here.

In addition you need the client application. This can be downloaded from via http://www.strutsme.org/wishlist.wml or directly at http://www.strutsme.org/wishlist.jad. You can do this by entering the WML URL into the browser of your mobile device.