1 Features

1.1 Implemented features

Struts workflow
The Struts workflow is fully supported. This includes forwarding to another action, redirects and module switching. Redirects are automatically handled by the StrutsME-Client module.
Struts validation
Both the Commons Validator Framework and the validation through the validate() method of the ActionForm are supported.
Struts messages
These are translated and than transmitted to the client.
Struts modules
This new feature of Struts is also supported.

1.2 Partly implemented features

Easy setup
The current setup process for StrutsME users (the application developers) is easy. But for programmers which want to work on StrutsME the setup is a bit more complicated. Simplifying this is planned.
Maven based build process
The goal is to only use Maven for building StrutsME . Currently Ant is used for building the J2ME side and running it.
MEF stands for MobileEditionFramework and is a framework to support the programming of J2ME applications in general. It will include functionaly like
  • Persistence of objects
  • Management of the workflow and dispatching of actions
  • Utility classes
  • Various screens like a Waitscreen, SplashScreen, DebugScreen, ...
  • Support for automatic switching between the 'online' and the 'offline' mode of the client. This will allow to edit content in the offline mode and to save it. In the online mode these changes are synchronized with the server.
We are in the process of sorting out which material MEF will include in detail and to clean up the code.

1.3 Planned features

Support for framework other than Struts
Cocoon and Spring come to mind.
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