1 Daily work

1.1 Common Buildprocess

1.2 Ant targets

This section describes the public targets defined in the buildfiles build.xml for ant. Referenced targets in the description, for example [build] in the [jar]-target, are targets the currently target depends on.

Common targets

updates all referenced jars and compiles the project.
[build] generates a jarfile.


[jar] copy the jarfile to the directory defined by MOBILE_REPOSITORY/strutsme/jars .
[jar] the emulator is started with the midlet defined by the module.jad file
[jar] the emulator is started in debugmode with the midlet defined by the module.jad file. You can then debug the midlet by starting a remote debug session. The settings for this session are
  • hostname = localhost
  • StandardsocketAttach
  • the default connectionport is 7654 . The connectionport could be changed by editing the debug.port property of the debugtarget.


[deployable] obfuscates the jarfile
run deployable
[jar] the obfuscated jarfile would be started in the emulator.


To build the server you have to perform the following steps.

  1. -common: ant deploy deploys the commonmodule of your application. This is needed only, if you have modified the common-module.
  2. -server: your warbuild-command.